How nice to meet you!  My name is Kelley Maas.  I'm a designer and photographer with a love for the arts and my craft. Growing up I was a dedicated participant in band, and still today it is a big part of who I am and the friends I've made.  Being a visual artist and musician, I have deep roots in the creatives.

Fun Quirks about me:

I have two snuggly kitties that I absolutely adore and are on my Snapchat nearly 24/7

Dusty pinks are my favorite colors.

I want leg warmers to come back in style because I already wear them like they are.

I like my cookies slightly underdone.

I love smelling the pages of books and magazines when I pick them up.

I drop things.  A lot.  

Strategy board games with friends is my favorite way to spend a Saturday night.

If I could live anywhere besides CO, I'd live in Seattle.  I thrive on rain.

Everyday I'm always looking for joy.  I try not to take life too seriously, so I'm constantly finding the humor in situations.  Some may call me ornery, but I'm just looking for smiles and a good laugh!  In your portrait session, I sincerely want us to just relax, laugh, and create together!  Thanks for stopping by.