• Kelley Maas

Trombone Sunset: Jacob Senior Portraits at Waneka Lake

Remember how I mentioned how beautiful the sunsets are at Waneka Lake? No? Well don't worry because I'm going to say it again: the sunsets at Waneka Lake are BEAUTIFUL. I don't know how the clouds always end up framing the mountains right where the sun sets, but we are two for two this summer. But enough about the sunset, I had the pleasure of working with Jacob who is on the road to closing out his senior year of high school! Playing trombone in the band, Jacob has a lot on his schedule before graduation. I remember when I was a senior in high school finishing out my last marching band season. Fall semester for a "band kid" is a super busy time, and when you're not busy with rehearsals and competitions, you're checking to see which colleges you've gotten accepted to. So many things to juggle, but in the end it feels so good. Have a GREAT senior year, Jacob!